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    Consider the M3 Simply when looking into NDS backups.  Keep your  NDS games from getting lost and on one cart! NoPASS, HC Card Support, Homebrew  Support

    Welcome to Nipahc.Com

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    Growing ideas & Assisting with your technologies
    as Nipahc Technologies since 1993.
    Rippling the internet since 1997.
    The Nipatic Church since 2003.

    The Nipatic Church is a Judeo-Christian Assembly based on bringing forth God's Truth! We preach that the Word is the Authority and that Cannabis Sativa is for the healing of mankind as all other herbs. The world is lost in their view of Christianity and the Herbs of the Earth.

    The Nipatic Church supports Metaphysics and Science with belief.

    Please watch this space for more coming.

    Still under construction, Been working on the site for the Judeo-Christian Sister Church I am a member, webmaster and minister for - Temple 420